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Smarter Docs

Smarter Docs is an Electronic Medical Record system designed for the modern Doctor by Doctors.

Today's Doctor works fast and is efficient. Most documentation software actually ends up slowing the Doctor down. Can your EMR produce a complete chart ready to be billed by the time you finish the patient encounter ? Smarter Docs reduces the administrative burden by helping the physician operate more efficiently, in a paperless environment.

Features at a glance:
1. Fast and efficient
2. Very customized, the core program is the same for all users, but each template is unique to the user and their specialty.
3. Most routine cases can be completed in 90 seconds or less
4. Built with today's leading technology, making it easy to interface with most existing practice software
5. Available both online or in-house
6. HIPAA compliant
7. increase revenue
8. Simple interface actually speeds up work


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Please contact us. To save you time, we will compare systems on the phone honestly, and let you compare what we have to offer.
Powerful and very easy to use.
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